Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The book provides an insight into impact of the mechanizations of the Pakistanis ISI et al. That the Afghans continue to be manipulated gets presented and yet you get the feeling, that there are no great details to substantiate it. Reads more like a newspaper Sunday writing(s) than a researched presentation of a book. Yet for a novice to Afhanistan and all that has been happening there in the last fifteen years and wondering what is happening behind the scenes, it is an eye-opener. Sadly missing and in a big way is the 'thought processes' of the Americans in the canvas of Afghanistan. Either the author had much less access to know the minds of her American counterparts or it was a deliberate attempt not to expose her country's decision makers. Particularly lacking is any insight into the intricate relationships, struggles, and reactions between ISI and the American decision makers.
Wish the chapters were either chronological or subject oriented. Interleaving of dates and events leave the reader confused.

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