Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Road Back to Nature: Regaining the Paradise Lost

Over the past several years, as his ideas have caught increasing attention outside his native Japan. Fukuoka has turned to address such critical global issues as ecologically destructive farming practices, desertification and deforestation. In this collection of articles, lectures and essays, Fukuoka records for the first time his impressions and observations during those travels. Like a detective solving an ancient crime, he traces man's role in the creation of vast deserts and barren lands where fertile plains and forests once layand proposes way to reverse this tide of ecological devestation before it is too late. He recounts also how he developed a superhigh-yielding variety of rice, and his incredulity and despair at the petty international seed politics that prevent the use of this miracle grain where it could do the most good. And he goes on to lucidly demonstrate the interdependence of nature, God, and man.

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